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Jobs That You Won't Worry About Losing Overseas

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John Curran | | Posted: 6/18/2013 Print
Jobs That You Won't Worry About Losing Overseas
One of the big fears with jobs is that so many of them can be outsourced to markets where it's cheaper than what we can afford to live on here. But, if that's affected you in the past, that doesn't mean you can't find online education programs that won't leave you up at night, worrying about your future.

The primary examples are service-related fields, but these can range across a number of different industries. For example, online trade schools that offer training in vocations such as plumbing or electrical work will continue to provide strong career opportunities for students wishing to enter a field that will remain strong.

Another big driver is the healthcare industry. Ongoing nursing shortages in a number of states have been a problem for several years due to an increasing amount of retirements. In addition, the ongoing growth in the senior demographic means that those working in senior care facilities in a variety of positions will be in strong demand.

Finally, there are always positions working with children that cannot be outsourced, including pre-school aides, teachers and childcare program assistants. These positions also offer the ability to have more job security due to union contracts. Keep in mind that those jobs requiring at least a bachelor's degree will offer a higher initial pay.

Or, if you would prefer your target audience to be somewhat older, outside and inside sales and marketing positions with firms generally require the ease with language and fluency in dealing with different audiences. Going back to school for these positions will also give students a stable industry in the United States.

If none of those options are appealing, it's important to note that technical fields like computer science or information technology may be outsourced, but there are still considerable opportunities for U.S. graduates. There will always be a need for U.S.-based liaisons and engineers and computer scientists.


Career Tips

  • Only take positions at companies that you know will be a rewarding fit.

  • Build a network and go to networking events and conferences in fields that interest you.

  • Create a long-term road map to roughly plan out and see how your profession can meet your vision of career fulfillment in the next 10 or 20 years.

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