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3 Questions To Ask Your Online Education Adviser

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John Curran | | Posted: 2/13/2014 Print
3 Questions To Ask Your Online Education Adviser

One of the ugliest answers you may hear in an online education classroom regards paper length. It usually comes out as, “Write enough to completely answer the question.” While that may not be a helpful answer in all cases, there are questions you should be asking. And if you chose an online degree in order to get a better job, here are three questions you HAVE to ask your career counselor to make sure you're on track.


1. “What other things do I need to do to ensure I get the job I want?” A degree is critical to what you want to do if you're in an online education program. However, in many cases, you may need to do additional certifications or even just take a few internships. Your career counselor, among those listed at our partner schools, should be able to provide you with the prerequisites that jobs in your field require.


2. “Is there a list of alumni from my major or concentration that I can contact?” There's nothing like talking to people who have also gone from the frying pan and into the fire in your field of interest. In addition to prerequisites, these graduates can be invaluable resources not just for networking, but for a sense of what a real work day is like in the kinds of jobs you want to hold. Our partner schools that have these lists can also help you ensure that your degree can and will turn into a job down the line.


3. “What electives have the best results when I'm looking for a new job?” It's no surprise that there will be hundreds of people with your degree who may be looking for a similar job. There are ways to stand out, though, and you may not even have to go outside of your online school to do so. Your online career adviser may be able to point you to course work, such as business courses for technical degrees, that can give you a leg up.


Career Tips

  • Only take positions at companies that you know will be a rewarding fit.

  • Build a network and go to networking events and conferences in fields that interest you.

  • Create a long-term road map to roughly plan out and see how your profession can meet your vision of career fulfillment in the next 10 or 20 years.

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